Golden Retriever Who Had Separation Anxiety Gets A Kitten Brother
  • 06.07.2022
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A Golden Retriever With Separation Anxiety Gets A Kitten Brother Lee's golden retriever, Horlicks, had a hard time being alone. To combat this, Lee decided to get him a kitten brother for his fifth birthday. As the new addition arrived at Lee's house, Horlicks stuck his nose through the slightly open door and welcomed the kitten. Horlicks immediately went outside and the kitten came out to explore the house. At first, Hero was suspicious of the dog, but soon the two developed a bond. Although separation anxiety is commonly misdiagnosed, it's becoming increasingly common. Many of the symptoms of separation anxiety can actually be caused by other issues. A young, active dog may chew on things or cause damage. The chewing may be due to gum pain or a dental disease. Other behaviors that are common with young dogs include wandering or attempts to escape. These behaviors can be signs of a more severe condition, such as a more serious problem. When the dog is first brought home, he may exhibit typical separation anxiety behaviors. For example, he may cry every time he's left alone, or follow the owner around. If you place the puppy in a crate, he might start to cry, which will make him even more fearful. Your dog may also be restless or frightened at night, and may even want to be held constantly.