True Known Mistakes in Dog Training

True Known Mistakes in Dog Training

To start training, your dog must have reached a certain age ✘
Domestic adaptation training should be started from the first day that the pup you adopt comes home; their instinctive movements should be given the right direction ✔

Dog training takes a few weeks or months and it's over ✘
Training continues throughout your dog's life. As you can teach your dog new behaviors, you can refresh his memory by repeating previous learnings. Education is not a one-off practice. Unrepeatable commands and behaviors are forgotten over time ✔

When your dog defecates in an inappropriate place at home; punishing by rubbing his nose in his urine or feces…✘
This is (unfortunately) one of the most common and outdated behaviors. This action adds nothing but unreasonable fear to your dog, and makes your dog more confused about where to go to the toilet. If you are having trouble toilet training your dog, see =>

Dogs cannot learn new commands after they become adults ✘
Dogs can learn new commands and behaviors at all ages ✔

Dogs are not trained alongside their owners. Accommodation education is compulsory ✘
Dogs can also train with their owners. (Except in extreme cases) It is not necessary to leave the owner for a few weeks or months. Do not forget that the purpose of dog training is to provide the right communication between the dog and the owner and to facilitate the life of these two separate species. It's not about teaching a dog a few basic commands and creating a robotic dog ✔

Dogs are trained vigorously or dominated ✘
In modern dog training, positive training methods are predominantly based on reward and stimulation, and these methods do not involve any coercion or coercion. The dog is rewarded for doing the right behavior; misconduct (such as showing aggression) is warned fairly. Dogs cannot be trained with coercion and violence ✔

It is unnecessary for a dog to be trained ✘
If your dog does not know where and how to behave and you cannot communicate well with him, you and your dog need to be trained. Training means freedom for your dog. With an untrained, problematic dog, you are one step behind in life and it is almost impossible to spend quality time with such a dog ✔

Dogs don't like training and don't want to obey ✘
It can be surprising; but dogs love to learn! Dogs are cooperative creatures. Each race has been created to serve a specific purpose, and it is in the genes of these animals to work. Therefore, learning and achieving something new makes dogs happy and significantly increases their bond with their owners ✔